Visual Snippets from CoC’s 13th Founding Anniversary.

Science Nation: A Photo-Infused Recap

WHAT: Science Nation
WHEN: July 27, 2014
WHERE: SMX Convention Center
WHO I’M WITH: My friend, Jen

Here’s a mini-photo diary of what my friend and I did yesterday at the Science and Technology Exhibit in SMX.


The on-going seminar when Jen and I arrived at Forum Hall 2 of the SMX Convention Center.


Registered! We also got a free coupon which entitled us to a free massage and free photo but unfortunately, due to the amount of people waiting in line for those two freebies, we just went around the exhibit and explored a lot of booths.


We had an amazing time chatting with the guy at the Pointwest. I’m thinking of having my internship for Allied Media there too…


We also visited three booths of new voting technologies included in the exhibit.


High score ako sa “Dead Fox”! A game developed by some students taking computer hardware/software/animation programs at Eqela. Iba! Sila na!


We tried the English-learning software created by BEST


and we were given a photo each because of our participation! Hahaha.


The first (small) airplane built by Filipinos


and of course, we had to take a picture with it.


A big thanks for Samsung’s booth for providing benches that served as our lounging area throughout our tour.


Enjoyed Step-up's unique take on the topic of packaging design.


A photo with Biotech's mascot.


And also with a Dengue mascot.


A photo at a booth called Juan Time: Pinoy Time is On Time inside the vicinity of the DOST area.


I signed-up for Globe’s GCash Express Card which gives me the opportunity to play at their Juan for All, All for Juan-like game. The goal is, I’ll be given 1 minute to collect 20 blue strips of paper…


and I won! Hahaha. My prize is a Tumbler from Globe. Hooray for trying! :D

After hours and hours of exploring every corner of the exhibit, we sat down and enjoyed our moments of rest.

We finished out tour of the exhibit at 6 pm in the evening and went to Seaside Blvd. to bask under the glories of the night and share stories that only the two of us can chatter.

Indeed it was a memorable and fun day for the both of us. We learned a lot — and I mean a lot — and met new people along the way. We’re surely going to come back again next year and see for ourselves what the brilliant scientists, innovators and inventors of the country have in store for us.


New Voting Technologies

Election’s fast approaching and many innovating companies gathered at the Science and Technology Exhibit in SMX Convention Center to showcase their intelligent systems and revolutionary technologies to the public for the election process in the country. After Jen participated in a raffle for Sale Alerts, we headed to the booths of the new voting technology included in the exhibit.



Their booth caught my attention when I saw a WEF-like ID displayed at their table that looked like the ones we used inside Makati Shangri-La during the World Economic Forum last May. I immediately asked the exhibitors if their system also worked like the ones we utilized at WEF and fortunately enough, the friendly gentlemen of Lambton patiently answered all of my queries regarding their system.

THE PROCESS (from what I experienced/learned in their booth) - The Identification process is also the same as the one we underwent before the event proper of WEF. There’s an “identification key or code” somewhere embedded in their IDs which would register in their machine if you are indeed a voter or not. Dead people won’t be able to vote now, I presume. Once your identification is verified, you’ll be presented a tablet in which you would just select who you’re voting for the elections. Once you completed all the slots to vote, a summary view of your votes will show in your screen to let you have a final look of your nominated candidates before it registers to the system. Once you saved your vote, it will automatically register in the main system and your ballot will be printed out so there will be a hard copy of your vote just in case there’s going to be a need for recount.

THOUGHTS - I’ve tried and tested this kind of system during the WEF-EA 2014 and I can surely say that this system is secure enough for an election. Not only will it be a lot easier to verify the identities of the voters but it will also be a hell lot cooler for the Voter’s ID to be revamped like that. The process itself is easy, will probably take a voter 5-15 minutes tops but my main concern is the actual tablet that they will be using for the election in case they were chosen for the advanced electoral and voting system in the country. The screen is small hence, smaller fonts but one thing praise-worthy in their system is the friendly User-Interface for their electronic voting sheet. It’s understandable, modern-looking and clean. However, the technology crafted by the brilliant minds at Lambton didn’t provide an alternative voting procedure for the disabled people. True to the promise of the gentleman who explained their system to me, this technology won me over for its efficiency on an actual voting scenario, as I pictured in my head. I forgot to ask how will they be able to handle emergency blackouts and their back-up system but all in all, I think this system made by Lambton is fit for the country both financially and strategically.



Indra’s booth got a lot of visitors and spectators working. When my friend and I went to their booth, we weren’t able to see how the identification system works because of the amount of visitors trying them out. We only got to try the technology for the  actual voting process and the counting of ballots.

THE PROCESS (from what I experienced/learned in their booth) - Since we only got to experience the voting process per se, I can’t really say much of how they’ll be able to secure the identity verification of the voters. If I remember correctly, the kind gentleman who explained their system told us that they’re utilizing the Biometrics method of identification. (Correct me if I’m wrong) Anyway, to the voting process. There’s three kinds of voting processes that’s available in their technology but I only got to try and see two methods. There’s the part where you’ll use a “tablet-and-chart” method and a mobile app for voting. A voter will be able to see all the candidates in a color-coded chart just above the machine that he/she’ll be using. The main controls are in the tablet-like machine itself but you get to choose all your favored candidates in the touch-sensitive chart above the component. Once you’re done voting, the machine will show you a summary view of all your nominated candidates and you’ll be given a chance to change or finalize your list. Once you cast your votes, the machine will print a receipt-like ballot with the list of all your favored candidates along an embedded QR code. After that, you’ll scan the paper unto another machine which will count your votes and you’ll be able to see the real-time tally of the elections given that there’s a fast internet connection in your precinct. There’s also an available mobile app for the voters who don’t want to wait in lines and have internet connection in their home. You can vote for your favored candidates using their app and once you’re done, a QR code will be shown and you can just scan the QR code into their machine once you reached the precinct. Your list of votes will be immediately recognized and you’ll be printed a ballot to scan unto the third machine and count your votes.

THOUGHTS - One thing that makes this technology far superior than the other two that I tried is the fact that an ordinary voter can see the real-time tally of the elections after he/she cast his/her vote that syncs in their main system. Not it only does it promote transparency but it can also have a good “psychological” effect on the voter seeing how powerful his/her vote can be. I felt that surge of “power of democracy” when I saw the real-time sample tally of the votes after it registered mine. There’s that distinct feeling that empowers me, it’s like the machine is telling me: YOUR VOTE COUNTS.. AND WE ACTUALLY COUNTED IT. Another advantage of Indra over Lambton and Smartmatic is its integration with the mobile world. It’s a genius idea that they incorporated a mobile app for their system but unfortunately, from what I saw, it’s only available for Android users. I don’t know if it’s also available in the Apple store but definitely it’s not within reach for Blackberry users like me. The chart-like voting sheet above the machine is also an effective tool for people having a hard time reading small fonts however, there’s no actual solution on how disabled voters will vote. My major concern is the third key of their system, the counting machine. There was a slight glitch when we tried to scan the QR code in the ballot for it won’t register to the machine. It took us nearly 3-5 minutes to successfully include my vote. If that happens in real life, then there would also be the probability of having long lines just to let your vote count. I’m not an engineer or a technology expert or something like that but as a voter, I would probably want to just enter and register my votes into one machine. Not only will it be cost-friendly but more efficient as well.



There’s the same scenario with Indra when we got to Smartmatic’s booth — there’s a lot of visitors trying out their machine that again, we weren’t able to try their identification system.

THE PROCESS (from what I experienced/learned in their booth) - A beautiful lady was kind enough to explain to us what she knows about their system. Obviously, we weren’t able to find out the identification process of Smartmatic so I’ll just skip to the part where I actually cast my votes into their machine. To vote, you’ll be choosing your favored candidates from a categorized selection in a machine that looks like an ATM with a large screen. After you finished your selection, and counter checked it on the summary view, the machine itself will print the ballot and your votes will automatically register in the main system.

THOUGHTS - First and foremost, I would like to commend Smartmatic for providing an alternative voting avenue for disabled people. The cursor button panel at the left side of the machine is detachable hence provides an easier ground for disabled people to vote. Another thing is their machine that has a large screen for voting. People who are having a hard time reading small fonts will have an easier ordeal voting through this machine. Smartmatic made the people or the voters the priority when they created their system thus explaining all the considerations they made for the voters’ ease during the elections. I wish I’ve known more about their system but unfortunately, the knowledge of the beautiful lady only scopes on the use of their machine.

In the end, each system has an advantage over the other: Lambton’s system is fast, efficient and cost-friendly. Indra’s got a big thing on transparency, capability and availability. Smartmatic’s move on considering every aspect of the human population makes them more people-friendly and understandable.  

My concerns for all three are the following:

  1. What emergency plan/system do you have in case of a black out or siege or etc.?
  2. How will you explain your technology to the people living in places that until today, technology has been trouble reaching?
  3. and how will your technology help the country to have a if not 100%, more transparent election process?

Note: These are all my opinions and thoughts regarding the three voting technologies I tried at DOST’s Science and Technology Exhibit yesterday, July 27, 2014.

TGIS: Sweet Endings with My Cadbury Barkada

I had a blast at the Science and Technology Exhibit organized by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) at the SMX Convention Center. My friend (Jen) and I spent an entire afternoon learning new things and of course, having fun while meeting new people.

Here are a few of our photos from this day’s event:


Registration Stub.


Photo with Jen.


I tried Globe’s-alaJuan for all, all for Juan Game…


and I won! HAHA. My friend gave me a bar of Cadbury to celebrate my victory. Nothing says “congratulations” more than a delicious treat. Hooray for sweet friendships! Not only that it makes us closer but it also makes us more focused in our goals. We have something to look forward to every time we accomplish something… most of the time, it’s Cadbury. Hahaha!

(and of course, we shared it too in the end. HAHAHA)

Indeed, it is a TGIS day. Thank God It’s Sunday and Thank God It’s Science. I learned a lot — and I’m not exaggerating, I do mean a lot. I’m thankful for this day. My appreciation goes to DOST, to all the exhibitors, to my friend, to all the new people that I met and all the freebies that I got. Also, I’m happy for my new Tumbler from Globe, 1 photo from Best, 1 bar of chocolate we “hungrily” shared and of course, for the unparalleled happiness I felt today because of my friend and the exhibit.

I’ll be posting more related articles tomorrow. For now, I’ll just immerse myself in reading all the brochures that I got from the exhibits earlier. 



The alley was dark as a Cimmerian pearl — disturbing noises voiced over the quiet night. As I made my way to Cecilia’s house, street lights flickered as if they approve of what will happen tonight; a sexual rendezvous with a lovely daughter of Aphrodite. The excitement heightened, and I’m failing to calm myself. I want her, I want her badly.

Upon entering her home, I saw nothing but the tiny rays of moonlight slithering their way into the window panes. With no sign of her in the living room, I called out her name. “Cecilia! Cecilia!” But there was no response. Then I heard a faint laughter and whispering in the dark. Suddenly, the door from her room opened and her long, slender arms outstretched took me in with incredible strength.

Lie down!” she said.

There’s something peculiar about her voice tonight but obediently, I followed her commands as if I became a meek lamb following the voice of his master. I had trouble finding the bed for the room was still dark. Only the tables and canopies adorning her lair guided me to the soft, velvety comforts of her mattress. She then tied my hands to the bedposts, giggling as if she was having fun seeing me become her prisoner at that time. I felt her deep breath penetrating my yearning skin, her soft fingertips caressing my face and her gaze as erotic as ever before.

I’m going to have you tonight.” 

Hearing those teasing words from her woke my sensuality. She stood up then took off my clothes, one by one. My manhood erected with great anticipation. She then kissed me, kissed me passionately. Deeply, so tenderly — I felt my body becoming extremely hot along with the every movement of our lips. I could taste the sweetness of her excitement. I could smell her floral scent captivating my senses and overwhelming me with lust and passion. Her tongue skillfully traced my body with her thirst for me. Her soft hands fondled my chest as if enjoying the crinite feel of the short fine hairs occupying most of my upper torso.  She then playfully outlined the treasures of my frequent exercise and soon touched her way to my groin.

My member began to throb. It began to quiver. I then became uneasy and fidgety. She noticed my unstable nervousness and mischievously looked at me. As I was trying my best to fight against the hurling sensation, she sucked every bit of me, not forgiving one inch of my manhood to recuperate from her tongue. She licked the tip and watched me go crazy as she rub her breasts to my tool. Going up, going down. In between her tongue. Her lips, hands and breasts all worked in unison. Going up, going down. In between her tongue. Almost in sync with her lust and erotic gaze. Going up, going down. In between her tongue. Faster. Faster. Faster. Deeper. Deeper. As soon as she saw me go wild, she flicked my little soldier with her fingers and …

I roared.

I panted heavily — and almost immediately, I eased with extreme satisfaction.

Facebook chat integration of
Resisted the urge to eat at fast food chains since Sunday
The love of my friends
Hachika's obedience
Melted chocolates
Daenerys and Sansa, my two new cactus plants
Japan Home Center’s Vanilla diffuser
The genius existence of Hair color shampoos
Human Heart Nature’s tinted lip balm
Internship at World Vision
Reader’s Digest Internship Review
Go-to drinking buddies
Fruit salad bars scattered all over the metro
Re-watching Game of Thrones Season 1-4
Fast internet connection
Rainy afternoons
Bayani Brew!!
  • Facebook chat integration of
  • Resisted the urge to eat at fast food chains since Sunday
  • The love of my friends
  • Hachika's obedience
  • Melted chocolates
  • Daenerys and Sansa, my two new cactus plants
  • Japan Home Center’s Vanilla diffuser
  • The genius existence of Hair color shampoos
  • Human Heart Nature’s tinted lip balm
  • Internship at World Vision
  • Reader’s Digest Internship Review
  • Go-to drinking buddies
  • Fruit salad bars scattered all over the metro
  • Coca-cola
  • Re-watching Game of Thrones Season 1-4
  • Fast internet connection
  • Rainy afternoons
  • Bayani Brew!!

Emotions and Nature

I am Love.

I spring flowers and make them blossom in pinks and purples. I make the winds oscillate sweet fragrances of roses and marigolds which make every colors in your garden bold. I feed the butterflies and the bees the sweetest honey which makes them jitter in each flap of their wings. I make leaves dance and branches sway. I make the grass raise their tops into the air and just let everything be free and wild while my existence is still flustering here and there.

I am Jealousy.

I dry the flowers and its petals grow weary and bleak. I make the wind blow subtle grievances of little trash and puffs of smoke into the air. I deprive the butterflies and bees with a sweet treat but instead, I offer them bitter and bad honey. I make the leaves fall in a fast pace and the branches nervously shake with my every roar. I make the grass bow down to my fierceness and they never looked up anymore.

I am Doubt.

I slowly suck all the colors of all the flowers and leave them boring and black. I hover with pollution and the butterflies and the bees can’t see anymore. I make the leaves scared when they fall and I make branches break with my every growl. I make the grass untimely brown and it’s slowly dying from inside out.

I am Pain.

I make flowers wilt. I drown the air in a filthy, barbaric stench and starve the butterflies and the bees. Instead of honey, I feed them spoiled mustard and dried ketchup. I make leaves dead and dry and I make branches shiver and cripple with my every cry. I wither the grass and I slowly degenerate everything my eyes could conspire.

I am Sadness.

I water the flowers, hoping somehow that I’ll be able to make them alive again. I try to produce more nectar for the butterflies and the bees by omitting all the tears and dispersing all my fears. I bring the leaves up in the air and I make branches regenerate from my despair. I cry the grass frustrating tears of dews and hopefully, it will all be alive and green soon.

I am Hope.

I made the garden alive once more.

An Interview with the Grim Reaper

I arrived early for our interview. That afternoon, I was wearing my favorite office attire. The light blue long sleeves with white stripes and the black pencil skirt bought by my Mom. I was wearing my lucky shoes, an Aldo black pumps. With the availability of a large mirror in the lounge room of that 5-star hotel, I took a glance of myself for a while. Damn,I look decent. With the accessories at minimum and my ID pinned on my blouse, I do really look like your ordinary news reporter. 

Sorry to keep you waiting.

The Grim Reaper arrived 10 minutes late. His voice was raspy and dry as he apologized for not making it on time. I told him it’s fine, at the very least he’s present for the interview. He shook my hand and sat on the couch across me. His face looked dull and gloomy. Creases wore his forehead and cheeks down. Saggy eyebags populated his lower eyes. His lips were pale. His nose was crooked and etched with minute moles on top. His chin was slightly curved and his facial hairs weren’t groomed and trimmed. He wore his favorite all-black suit — a white long sleeves covered with a black tuxedo with a black necktie to complete the get-up. His pants were, I presumed, made of cashmere for the texture was evidently soft. His shoes were pointed and grimed with dirt and mud. He only had his long crane with him — no bags, no accessories — just his crane. I offered him a glass of water and he obligingly accepted it. He gulped the drink in one swallow and I could see his Adam’s apples twitching on both sides in his every sip. He’s having his difficulty in drinking. After a few casual exchange of “hellos” and “how are you”, I took my list of questions out and placed my tape recorder on the table between us.

[Start of Rec.]

Me: Good afternoon sir. First, thank you for accepting my offer for this interview. It is quite rare actually to hear your side in every story. What pushed you to speak up right now?

Grim Reaper: Good afternoon too. Well, for starters, you’re very much welcome. I kept my mouth shut for the past years, decades and centuries. For so long I roamed the Earth and collected souls for a living — I thrive on people’s death. That’s the very reason why I exist. To collect souls and keep it for my own selfish way of living. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t forced to speak up at this moment for I chose  to do so, not forced. People these days, especially the young, think of Death as an escape — an escape to their problems, struggles and difficulties. They die because they don’t want to live anymore. And that is sad.

Me: You told me earlier that you thrive on people’s death, correct?

Grim Reaper: Yes.

Me: Then why do you think that it’s “sad” to die on your own? To die to escape from life when you will be the obvious beneficiary of such death?

Grim Reaper: The fact is, Death is not just a simple game of killing a human — it’s an art. Dying is a man’s last masterpiece. In my eyes, when I see the pain and struggles of the souls I’m taking, it feels like a paradise of abstracts, portraits and landscapes combined into one frame. When I get the feeling that someone is going to kill himself, I don’t enjoy the view. I don’t find the piece beautiful. It’s like a blank canvas with tiny dots and colored lines — a dull and plain death. 

Me: You still have your taste in dying. Why do you think suicides are dull?

Grim Reaper: Many people in this world are striving to live and struggling to keep themselves alive. Every efforts to keep on going adds up to the challenge and subtlety of the piece. In other words, a pizzazz. When you kill yourself, just for the sake of escaping life, I don’t see the pizzazz that I wanted to see. Of course it’s fun and all that more souls are keeping me alive but in reality, it’s a pity. It’s such a waste to see people die from their own hands. There’s no thrill.

Me: I can sense from your words that you still care for the living humanity, even if your source of immortality is death, correct?

Grim Reaper: Yes. Humans are wonderful and beautiful entities that live on this Earth. They are living context of ideas and thoughts with the power to influence and talk to each other. They also have the power to love and be friends with one another. I admire those characteristics of the living for such characteristics don’t exist in me.

Me: I’m beginning to see how deep and loving you are, Grim Reaper. Of course minus all the soul-taking obligations and stuff, but really. You do still care about the humanity.

Grim Reaper: Yes. I do. But most humans don’t care for themselves. Humans don’t realize the gift bestowed upon them and they carelessly put it into waste. Human hurting, teasing, blackmailing, bullying, killing and causing pain to another human is truly one devastating sight. Such sight can lead to suicide, and I hate taking souls of the suicide victims.

Me: I see your point. Any last words to the readers of this interview?

Grim Reaper: You all should appreciate life as you know it. Enjoy the gift. Cherish every moment and live with it. A time will come that I will come and get you, and that time would be that right time for you. Don’t make me come for you in your own decided time, it’s sad to take souls in that manner. So live on, be happy and be free. We’ll meet someday, at some point when you’re ready to leave the Earth.

Me: Thank you for the interview Mr. Grim Reaper.

Grim Reaper: It was pleasure talking to you. Good bye, and see you, when I’ll see you.

[End of Rec.]

He hurriedly left the lounge to take more souls to keep himself alive. I talked to the most feared entity in this world — the soul taker, the Grim Reaper. But somehow, the life taker gave me the hopes of being and staying alive. He made me appreciate life in a new light and inspired me to live happily and just continue on living.

Such words. Thank you, Grim Reaper.

Sunday Pool Party of the Level IV Accreditation Team of the Department of Journalism

To celebrate the successful visitation of the Level IV Accreditors from the AACCUP last June 30 - July 5, 2014, the Accreditation Team of the Department of Journalism went to Villa Gloria in Taguig to swim all the stress away and hope for the best for the results of the visitation.


Not bad for 2000-3000 private rent eh? Hehe.


The Accreditation Team: Prof. Pebre (Chairperson), Amy (Student Assistant), Jen (Reproduction), Yours Truly (Areas VIII, IX, VI and defended Area X), Michelle (DZMC President), Alyssa (Runner), Sherwin (PPP), Alen (Student Assistant - Dean), Ma’am Doris (Staff - Dean) and Sir Francis (Staff - DoJ). Not pictured: JP (Area II, III)

We spent that whole day singing, eating, laughing and enjoying ourselves in our Chairperson’s treat. How I wish we could do it all again. I miss these bunch.

And now for more photos…


Before eating.


Jen, Amy and I were the first ones to dip in the pool…


And I got stuck whilst going down the slide. I blame my wide hips. How embarrassing…


With the help of gravity, I was able to successfully push my way down the slide. Yehey.


The boys and their balls.


I feel so small when I’m with them… Hahaha! Who am I kidding? I am small, no matter who I’m with. 


Alen-generated-ala-waves-ng-8 Waves




In between swimming, we would sing our hearts out in the resort’s karaoke machine.


And sing.


I told you we were singing our hearts out.


And lo! Why? Because we looked like floating in water… though I can’t swim.


And yes, I was too happy that day. That’s my signature “Ngiting-Star Magic”…

Hmmm.. I guess I just miss them all too much… Soon! Sa Majayjay na kami, after this sem. Yehey!

Photos from Sherwin Tinampay.

Meet Daenerys and Sansa, my two cactus plants which I got recently in favor to my 2014 goals. They are named after (obviously) my favorite characters from HBO’s Game of Thrones. I just like naming things. Haha. After a thorough research online on how to take care of these kind of succulent plants last week, I am easily convinced that it won’t be that much of a bother to take care of these two. Hah, I can’t believe I’m already starting my little steps towards enriching my green thumb.
However, if Daenerys and Sansa die on me, I’ll give up gardening forever. 

Meet Daenerys and Sansa, my two cactus plants which I got recently in favor to my 2014 goals. They are named after (obviously) my favorite characters from HBO’s Game of Thrones. I just like naming things. Haha. After a thorough research online on how to take care of these kind of succulent plants last week, I am easily convinced that it won’t be that much of a bother to take care of these two. Hah, I can’t believe I’m already starting my little steps towards enriching my green thumb.

However, if Daenerys and Sansa die on me, I’ll give up gardening forever.